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Welcome to WareWel Watch Bands

We are first and foremost watch lovers. We also have nearly 20 years of retail experience in the watch industry. We love the designs and intricacies of traditional timepieces, but also appreciate the contemporary and versatilities of modern day smart watches, especially Apple® watches. In our journey to accessorize our own watch collection, we found original replacement from watch brands to be expensive (overpriced in our view) and aftermarket bands, while mostly inexpensive, to be of subpar qualities. Borne out of frustration to find something we deem of good values and sensing that there are probably others out there that share our frustration, we decided to just make our own bands under the WareWel brand. We don't want to just wear, but rather wear well a piece of essential hardware that is indispensable to any well-made timepiece, smart or traditional. Hence the name WareWel.

Accessorize your watch and express your unique styles and tastes with our beautiful, high quality bands. Order yours today risk free with our 30 day return policy and 100% money back guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are WareWel watch bands compatible withApple watches?

Apple watches are so trendy and popular; our full array of watch bands are completely compatible with Apple watches. You never have to worry about buying a WareWel watch band and having to struggle to make it fit. Even though our bands come in different designs, shapes, and sizes they are made to fit with the “hinges”, also known as cases, on Apple watches for ease in watch band replacement. All Apple watch series and editions have the same connector size and shape which makes it fun to own a wardrobe of watch bands to suit different styles and fashions. You can have confidence that the WareWel brand will fit all series of Apple watches, including Series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SE, etc. Be sure to choose the correct size based on your watch case and wrist size.

Do WareWel bands fit all Apple Watchmodels?

YES! We intentionally designed our full collection of unique Apple watch straps to fit all Apple watch models. You will want to note the size casing on your particular Apple watch model. The cases on Apple watches are 42/44mm and 38/40mm so we offer many watch bands in both sizes and some only in one size, such as the WareWel Apple Watch Compatible Sweatproof Genuine Leather and Silicone Hybrid Strap. Some watch strap models have been designed for one size case based on the popularity of the strap’s material. For example, genuine leather watch straps are more attractive and in demand for the larger Apple case so that is one of the few styles that only come in one size.

Are Apple Watch straps interchangeable?

Apple watch straps are interchangeable for all models with the only exception being the case size. While all of our watchstrap styles are adjustable, the size of the case is important. The latest standard Apple watch band case sizes are now 40mm and 44mm so we designed all of our Apple watch bands to work with all models old and new by offering both the 42/44mm and 38/40 sizes most of our styles.

Be sure to select the size band that fits your wrist the best. A small wrist is about 5-6.5 inches around and a large wrist is between 7-8.5 inches so you may want to measure your wrist if at all unsure. Purchase your WareWell Apple watch band so it is not too tight, or too loose. Comfort is important, but you will want to make sure it fits properly to ensure the heart rate monitor maintains its accuracy.

Can I buy extra watch bands for my AppleWatch?2>

Of course! That’s the idea. When you own several, you can be whimsical and swap them to match your mood, activities, fashion sense, and more. The WareWel brand offers high-quality and affordable Apple watch bands, so most budgets can afford a few. Check out our Specialty Apple watch bands! They will help accessorize and elevate your “look” when wanting that little extra something-something.

Many of the models, such as our Silicone collection are available in several colors, such as pink, mint, burgundy, black, light gray, and lavender. So you are never locked in to one watch band style.